NYP Mystery


NYP Mystery



I need to make room for what’s to come, so as they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new.”  

The way this will work is as follows:

You decide how much you’d like to spend, and I send you a tube with a lot more value than what you paid for inside of it.  Pretty simple, right?  

The same idea as mystery tubes (which have been a great success in the past) but leaving you the option to pay what you want instead of a fixed $50 price. 


I am always very generous with these types of sales, but to gauge your expectations, you will, for example, not receive a tube filled with 5 long sold-out, highly sought after, “valuable, rare Phish posters” for $20, ha. 

You might find one in the higher amounts though if you’re nice and ask politely, ha.  

I have made a few categories for you to select from to give me a better idea of what type of stuff you are into, but PLEASE feel free to list a bunch of stuff you like in the notes section at checkout and I will try my best to make your internet shopping dreams come through, my friends. 

Along those same lines, feel free to tell me prints that you already have, so I can avoid sending you something you already own.  That would just be counterproductive. 

There will also be things like pins and buttons and coozies and other stuff in the tubes as well.  If you have some gifts to give, these tubes are a lot of “bang for your buck” as they say in the industry.

I plan to keep this sale going for a while, I hope you enjoy it and take advantage of it.  

If you have any questions about, just holler. 

Remember, It’s just tired old me here at, I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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